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(In Spanish only)

Is Onychodontida (Osteichthyes, Sarcopterygii) monophyletic? Assessing discordant phylogenies with quantitative comparative cladistics 

María Ciudad Real, Jorge Mondéjar Fernández, Daniel Vidal & Héctor Botella

Research paper

Published on line: 17 May 2022


Biostratigraphy of the Ribota and Huérmeda formations (Cambrian Series 2) in the Comarca del Aranda (Zaragoza province), Iberian Chains (NE Spain)

Alexandre Sepúlveda, Eladio Liñán, Juan B. Chirivella-Martorell José Antonio Gámez Vintaned & Rodolfo Gozalo

Research paper

Published on line: 1 June 2022