Palaeontological Publications Series

The editorial board of the Spanish Journal of Palaeontology presents a new series of monographic conference publications, published and edited by the Spanish Society of Palaeontology.

The objective of this new series is to serve as a non-periodical publication, which might include:

  • Books of abstracts for meetings or symposia,
  • Field guides,
  • Monographs,
  • or any other publication related to our society and its members.
Zamora et al. 2022 Symposium Fossil Decapods

Zamora, S., Ferratges, F.A., García-Penas, A., Aurell, M. (Eds.) 2022. 8th Symposium on Fossil Decapod Crustaceans. Zaragoza, Spain. Abstracts Book – Field Guidebook. Palaeontological publications, 1, 165 pp.