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Current Early View Articles
A peculiar fusuline assemblage from the tanes locality, Campo de Caso section (Pennsylvanian, upper Moscovian; Cantabrian zone, Spain)

Elisa Villa, Katsumi Ueno, Oscar Merino-Tomé & Jaime Martín-Llaneza

Research paper

Published on line: 16 April 2021



Actualistic taphonomy of amphibian bones predated by strigiforms from central Argentina. Contributions for palaeontological and archaeological studies

Julian Mignino

Research paper

Published on line: 13 April 2021



Xanastur (Brachiopoda, Stringocephalacea) nomen novum pro Xana García- Alcalde, 1972 (non Xana Kurdjumov, 1917, Hymenoptera, Hexapoda)

Jenaro L. García-Alcalde

Research paper

Published on line: 06 April 2021



Small vertebrates from a Holocene gravelly deposit at El Salt (Alcoi, Alicante)

Ana Fagoaga, Rafael Marquina-Blasco, Daniel Gracia-Monferrer, Alberto Martínez-Ortí, Paloma Vidal-Matutano, Laura Sánchez-López, Carolina Mallol, Cristo M. Hernández, Bertila Galván, Salvador Bailon, Francisco J. Ruiz-Sánchez & César Laplana

Research paper

Published on line: 29 March 2021



Upper Sinemurian: Obtusum and Oxynotum chronozones in Asturias, Spain. Ammonoids and correlation with other western European basins

María José Comas-Rengifo, Antonio Goy, Laura Piñuela, José Carlos García-Ramos, Luis Carlos Suárez Vega & Ricardo Paredes

Research paper

Published on line: 22 March 2021

(In Spanish only)


Palaeohistology and palaeopathology of an Aeolosaurini (Sauropoda: Titanosauria) from Morro do Cambambe (Upper Cretaceous, Brazil)

Arthur S. Brum, Kamila L. N. Bandeira, Borja Holgado, Lucy G. Souza, Rodrigo V. Pêgas, Juliana M. Sayão, Diogenes A. Campos & Alexander W. A. Kellner

Research paper

Published on line: 22 March 2021