Research paper

Conodont association of the Bashkirian-Moscovian boundary interval of the Donets Basin, Ukraine

Institute of Geological Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 55-b O, Gonchar St., 01601 Kiev,
Corresponding author

Centre for Research and Education on Biological Evolution and Environment, Nanjing University, 163 Xianlin Rd., 210023 Nanjing, PR China.


Ten sections spanning the Bashkirian-Moscovian boundary interval were studied in the Donets Basin. Six of them contain most representative conodont and foraminifer associations. In this paper we focused on three the most complete sections that include stratigraphically important conodont species, which belong to the Declinognathodus, Idiognathoides, Idiognathodus, Neognathodus, “Streptognathodus”, Mesogondolella and Diplognathodus genera. The majority of those species are widely distributed, which makes the correlation to other areas reliable. Two biotic events in conodont evolution were discovered in these sections. Two conodont lineages established here are considered as potential markers for the definition of the lower boundary of the Global Moscovian Stage: D. marginodosusD. donetzianus and Id. sulcatus sulcatusId. postsulcatus. The conodonts D. donetzianus and Id. postsulcatus, both proposed before as potential markers for the definition of the GSSP at the Bashkirian-Moscovian boundary, are described and compared to those from the other areas. The entry of D. donetzianus is updated and confirmed to the top of the limestone K1 in both sections, the Zolota Valley and the Malo-Mykolaivka sections. The other proposals for the definition of the lower Moscovian boundary by conodonts are discussed. Three conodont zones characterize the Bashkirian-Moscovian boundary interval. These are, in ascending order: the Id. tuberculatusId. fossatus Zone and D. marginodosus Zone from the upper Bashkirian, and D. donetzianus Zone from the lower Moscovian. They were recently described and shortly given in this paper.

Key words: Conodonts, Bashkirian-Moscovian, zonation, lineage, evolution event.

How to cite: Nemyrovska, T.I. & Hu, K. 2018. Conodont association of the Bashkirian-Moscovian boundary interval of the Donets Basin, Ukraine. Spanish Journal of Palaeontology, 33 (1), 105-128.

Received 14 November 2017, Accepted 19 March 2018, Published 30 June 2018