Research paper

Large ungulates from the basal Oligocene of Oman: 3 – Anthracotheriidae

Sorbonne Universités – CR2P, MNHN, CNRS, UPMC – Paris VI, 8 rue Buffon, 75005, Paris, France.
Corresponding author


The presence of Anthracotheriidae, Artiodactyla, Mammalia, in the Early Oligocene of Oman was reported in 1992, but the fossils were never described. This paper rectifies the situation by describing two teeth that can be attributed to Bothriogenys gorringei, a species that is common in the Eocene-Oligocene Fayum deposits, Egypt. The Omani fossils help to fill a geographic gap that used to exist between the Fayum species on the one hand, and anthracothere species from the Far East on the other. The material consists of an upper molar from Thaytiniti and half a lower molar from Taqah.

Keywords:  Anthracotheriidae, Oligocene, Oman, biogeography, Bothriogenys.

How to cite:  Pickford, M. 2015. Large ungulates from the basal Oligocene of Oman: 3 – Anthracotheriidae. Spanish Journal of Paleontology, 30 (2), 257-264.

Received 26 November 2014, Accepted 10 April 2015, Published 31 December 2015