My DOE-BES-Geosciences grant will soon be renewed, thus I would like to hire an outstanding post-doc to work on coral biomineralization. I am open-minded about the specific discipline from which this post-doc comes, but would be especially pleased if it was someone from this terrific community. Please think about someone you know and recommend, and let me have your thoughts about her/him/they. No specific prior skills are required, because most of the methods, coral samples, and the questions we ask will be new, anyway. However intelligence, curiosity, and productivity are a must for discovery and thus for the candidate. The person will begin this fall, will be an employee of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but can choose to either live in Berkeley or in Madison. My slight preference is for the post-doc to live in Berkeley, where we will do all our experiments on coral at the ALS, but I am flexible about that as well. Many thanks and all the best,

Pupa Gilbert
Professor of Physics
Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science, Geoscience

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Department of Physics
1150 University Avenue
Madison WI 53706