Collections: a Journal for Museum and Archives professionals

Published by Rowman & Littlefield
Edited by Juilee Decker, Associate Professor of Museum Studies (Rochester Institute of Technology).

Focus Issue: Women & Collections

Guest Editors: Consuelo Sendino (Natural History Museum, London), Janet Ashton (British Library) and Margot Note (Independent Consultant).

Women have not been only inspiration for the cultural world but been also active as collectors or researchers in collections. They have left their mark in science, natural history and art. Important contributions to cite chronologically are those of Catherine the Great of Russia (1762-1796, art collector), Frances Mary Richardson Currer (1785-1861, book collector), Mary Anning (1799 – 1847, fossil collector) and Gertrude Bell (1868-1926, archaeologist who helped with the establishment of the National Museum of Iraq with one of the best collections of Mesopotamian antiquities).

Although the role of women has been important in collections, it has not been so popular as with males. This issue will display different roles in which women have been active in collections such as active collectors, known by their input in collections or for inspiration.

Articles might be focused on any role played by women regarding collections:

  • Women as collectors
  • Women as collection researchers
  • Women as inspirational point of view
  • Women as collection subject

For this issue, we are seeking articles and case studies of 15-25 pages, reviews, technical columns, and observations. See this link: for more information about the journal.

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Authors should express their interest by submitting a 150-word abstract to the journal editor by February 15, 2018.The deadline for submission of final papers is April 1, 2018. Publication is anticipated for volume 14 or 15 with an issue date of 2018 or 2019.