VOLUME 32, Nº 1 JULY, 2017

 Juan USERA, Jordi GUILLEM, Carmen ALBEROLA & Ignacio GARCÍA Benthic foraminifera and environmental changes in the Quaternary of the western Mediterranean coast: the core of Xeraco, Valencia, Spain. Supplementary Information

VOLUME 34, Nº 2 DECEMBER, 2019

 Francisco J. VERDÚ, Alberto COBOS, Rafael ROYO-TORRES & Luis ALCALÁ. Diversity of large ornithopod dinosaurs in the upper Hauterivian-lower Barremian (Lower Cretaceous) of Teruel (Spain): a morphometric approach. Supplementary material. XLS
Humberto G. FERRÓN, José Luis HERRÁIZ, Héctor BOTELLA, H. & Carlos MARTÍNEZ-PÉREZ. Pre-Messinian ecological diversity of Mediterranean sharks revealed by the study of their dermal denticles. Supplementary material. XLS

VOLUME 35, Nº 1 JUNE, 2020


Ignacio GARCÍA-SANZ, Juan USERA, Jordi GUILLEM & Carmen ALBEROLA. Middle Miocene foraminifera from Canals (Valencia, western Mediterranean). Biostratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental aspects. XLS


Oscar MERINO-TOMÉ, Elisa VILLA, Luis Pedro FERNÁNDEZ & Juan R. BAHAMONDE. Fusulines of the Hoyo Oscuro section, Ándara massif of Picos de Europa (Cantabrian Zone, N Spain). New constraints about the onset of the Variscan deformation. PDF